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Meinir Mathias

Meinir Mathias is a contemporary Welsh artist, who explores ideas relating to cultural memory, history, land and people. She lectures at the Carmarthen School of Art and also works from her studio in West Wales. 


Meinir creates her works predominantly in oil and intaglio printing, and her most recent works have been reflecting on the idea of ‘Rebel’, with much of this series focused on the Rebecca Riots and the idea of heroism. These are characters who challenged authority, the laws and structure of society in Wales. The resulting pieces are full of defiance and political statement, making Meinir an exciting and rallying artist whose work is becoming increasingly sought after by collectors of Welsh art

Limited Edition Prints for Sale

U.K delivery: Orders above £1,000 will receive free shipping. All other orders will be subject to a £30 shipping charge

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