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oriel mimosa framing interior
Conservation level framing

We use acid free mounts and all frames are made to a conservation standard, which means your artwork will remain in good condition and enjoyable for years to come.

We also offer both standard and non-reflective glass – for you to consider when thinking about your display area and lighting. 

Repair and maintenance of your existing frames

We are able to carry out any repairs or maintenance needed on your existing frames – from glass or mount replacements to wood fillers and new backing boards. Just bring your pictures in to the gallery for a quote.

If you are unsure about your requirements please pop into the gallery and we will be happy to advise you.

Picture Framing Services

Oriel Mimosa offers a professional bespoke framing service conveniently located at our gallery on the main road through Llandeilo. We have a wide variety of frames, allowing you to choose from over 70 in-house samples or a broader range of over 2,000 frames from our catalogue.


Choosing the right frame is dependent on the artwork you want to present, so we offer varied options including finished and bare wood, hand painted, box frames, L-frames and textile framing.

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