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Prints of the Mimosa available

The Mimosa tea clipper was the ship that sailed from Liverpool to Patagonia in 1865, carrying the first Welsh emigrants to South America. Oriel Mimosa now has the only painting of the Mimosa in existence and we are offering prints of this historic original painting.

History of the Mimosa Clipper

In 1865 a gallant group of 162 Welsh men, women and children, whose traditions and language were being threatened by the Anglicisation that was engulfing Wales, and whose poverty was driving them to seek new land, set sail on the 12 year old clipper ship called the Mimosa, bound for Patagonia

The Mimosa has landed in Wales

The original painting of the Mimosa, which had been lost since the 1960’s, came to light in Australia. After ensuring its safe arrival in Wales we decided to offer 150 prints of the picture, to celebrate the 150th anniversary (in 2015) of the landing in Patagonia. Each print is numbered and accompanied by an authenticating certificate

Purchasing a Print

Each print costs £150 (without frame).  A framed print will cost £225. If you wish to reserve a print please contact us, or visit us in the gallery.

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