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Peter Kettle-Kamikochi - Hotaka Mountain Range
Peter Kettle-Matsumoto Castle, Japan Alps
The Four Waterfalls, 'Sgwd Clun-Gwyn'. Wales
Peter Kettle-Mountain Hut, Sunrise - Japan Alps
Peter Kettle-Torii Gate at the Summit of Mt. Fuji
Peter Kettle-Hokkaido, Silver Birch Trees in the Snow
Peter Kettle-Fuji, Late-Afternoon

Saturday July 13th

Peter Kettle was born in Wales in 1987 and brought up in Carmarthenshire. He studied fine art at West Buckland School in Devon and then went on to continue his studies in Cardiff. He can often be found immersing himself in Welsh landscapes, using his sketchbook to record the colours, textures and weather elements. Peter uses a variety of mediums to create the weathered surfaces of his impressive landscapes, including clay, French chalk and Shellac with oil. In 2018 he travelled to Patagonia, spending weeks painting and discovering more about the voyage of the first Welsh settlers who left the UK over 150 years ago. A year later, in 2019, he travelled to Nepal to hike to Everest Basecamp in order to draw attention to both the beauty and problem of waste management in the Himalayas. Mimosa hosted a successful Everest exhibition upon his return.

​This exhibition showcases recent work by Peter Kettle. In May of 2023, Peter travelled to Japan and “The Japan Project - Paintings and Film” was born. The project celebrates and looks at how the Japanese honour their land through ancient pilgrimages and the arts. Over the course of 3 weeks with his roll of canvas, easel and companions, Peter travelled to the northern island of Hokkaido and mainland Honshu to explore Japan's tribal roots, its myriad of heritage sites and to climb Japan's revered volcanoes and landscapes nicknamed 'the playground of the Gods'.  This collection of oils and collages is the fruit of his labours.

Peter was identified as an 'Artist to Watch' by Moneyweek Magazine, and is an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) and the Royal Cambrian Academy (RCA).

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