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Veronica Gibson

Veronica Gibson, a proud member of the Welsh Group, was born in 1954 in Herefordshire and subsequently raised near St Albans, later returning to her place of birth for a year’s study at Herefordshire College of Art in 1972. She then embarked a BA Honours degree at Canterbury College of Art in 1978. Whilst there, she was under the influence of Head of Painting, Thomas Watt, and graduated with first class honours. Returning to Wales from 1982- 1988, Gibson was a self-employed prop maker for theatre and opera, with brief school residencies, in 1987; was with Pioneer Arts, Cardiff, 1987–8; later holding several teaching occupations, including part-time art teacher at Rougemont School, Newport. Having developed an interest in teaching, she then obtained her art teaching certificate at University of Wales, Cardiff. She continues to exercise her teaching abilities alongside her own artistic expressions, at various institutions.

As a sought-after figure, Gibson has work in many reputable collections and has exhibited extensively across Wales and England; The RA Summer Exhibition, (from 1981), Welsh National Opera (from 1984), Austin/Desmond Fine Art (from 1986), Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff (from 1992), NEAC and ROI (from 1994), RWA and ROI (from 1996) and Manor House, Cardiff (from 1997).

Gibson describes her artistic practice as “twofold”- it comprises of both live observation (her allotment being a regular reference) and working from the studio, using sketchbooks, subsequently developing pastel and watercolour sketches into oil paintings. Her paintings therefore almost grow into form, having begun life as something else. Veronica gravitates most towards oils for her painted works, for their flexible nature, and the satisfaction she gains from the diversity of mark making that they enable.

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