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Lindy Martin

Lindy Martin grew up on the west coast of Wales listening to and watching the waves crashing onto the pebbles. Playing on the beach with those pebbles, finding washed up objects and creating scenes and toys.


Over the years Lindy changed career and studied ceramics and now, having recently moved back to Aberystwyth, she finds herself back on the beach marvelling at the shapes and textures that the elements form from the natural materials of this world. These materials washing up on the shore alongside the ever increasing amount of man-made detritus. Lindy’s work aims to question our excessive consumerism, as well as draw attention to skills and crafts that are starting to disappear.

Lindy’s work is always handmade and does not hide the marks which show how it was made. The material is not disguised either, letting the clay have a say in its form and texture.  Her work will often include mud and crushed rocks from the places she visits to add to the clay or for use in surface decoration, with an aim to make unique pieces that reflect the landscape.

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