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Alex Steele-Morgan

Alex Steele-Morgan was born in Pembrokeshire and grew up exploring the area. She knew from a very early age she wanted to pursue a career in art. After graduating in 1999 from the University of Plymouth with a BA Honours in illustration, she returned to Pembrokeshire before moving on to rural Carmarthenshire. Alex has worked as an established professional illustrator since graduating but also loves to paint figurative but stylised local depictions of characters and/or animals. Alex paints on canvas board using acrylic paint and always applies a matt varnish when finished, which offers longevity to the artwork and UV protection. During her illustration career Alex has worked for various high profile clients including - Marks & Spencer, Ladybird, Penguin, Oxford University Press & Reader's Digest. Alex is happiest when painting or outside being inspired by the light effects and colours of the beautiful Welsh scenery.

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